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Educational Day at The Parrot Zoo

Well continuing with our winter development we moved on to the East side of the centre today and started on the new Education centre, boundaries were erected and a few ton of spoil was relocated to the new pond which will be situated in the new Walk-thro enclosure. The education centre will have loads of info on many of the rescued animals here, there will also be plenty of information regarding conservation around the world, but in the main it will have an emphasis on parrots (naturally) showing the pros and cons etc of parrots in captivity and in the wild along with showing how some suffer when passed from pillar to post through the YPRs in this country.

Talking about conservation, we are also just in the process of having all our graphic work designed for the new CPPC walls which is looking spectacular and will show that parrots aren’t only suffering in captivity but also in the wild too, and how we intend to do our bit and make a difference.

We have just booked in our new students the first will be arriving in a week and hes coming from Peru so the International bit is not a bit anymore, eating ones hats is coming to mind…

Also Vin has commenced the new tortoise enclosure which is looking brilliant and absolutely massive, we have been contacted by a number of organisations in this field who are intending to close down and have asked us if we could help, I am sure we can so meetings are penciled in for talks on this subject and just how we can help.

Sorry, no pictures tonight I am trying the new iPad version of blogging and dont know how to do that bit yet 🙂

The parrots are enjoying the first flourish of snow and are loving playing in the bits we have, when i know how to i shall put the pictures up of them having fun in it.

Right thats it for now, just hoping you can read it and it has worked, fingers crossed


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