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Work Experience

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On this page you will be able to find any information on current work experience placements. If you would like to discuss any of the information on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Zoo Keeping:

Have you ever thought of a career in a zoo or animal park? We offer you a chance to experience the key roles and what they entail.
Lincolnshire Wildlife Park offers a unique opportunity for upcoming students who wish to work in the world of zoo keeping and want to have more avian experience. Whatever your intended position at any employment level within a zoo or park, there is no doubt you will come into contact with parrots at some point. So, by working with the largest collection of parrots in the UK, all manners of parrot keeping will be covered such as Housing, Enrichment, Health, Nutrition and General Husbandry.

What do we look for?

Someone who can demonstrate a genuine interest in animals and their welfare with an open mind for enrichment techniques. Someone who is fit and healthy and not afraid of hard physical work and prepared to work most weekends and statutory holidays. Someone who is self-disciplined and can fit into a team environment. Also someone who is happy to talk to visitors and answer questions they may have.

What your experience will involve:

Parrot handling, cleaning out aviaries, preparing food and feeding parrots, observing parrots, learning about keeping records and updating our sophisticated parrot database, working with hospital staff if animals become ill.

Marketing & Advertising:

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is tailored to meet the needs of willing participants in unique environments. Studying towards a CIM qualification and mastering new skills to gain an even greater understanding of the marketing discipline, you will gain valuable confidence working with people in different trades.