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The International Union for the Conservation of Nature ( monitors the world’s plants and animals, monitoring which are threatened and endangered.

The present day’s figures show a staggering 23% of all mammals and 11% of birds fall into these categories

So Why are they Threatened?

  • Habitat destruction and Fragmentation
  • Over-consumption of resources by humans
  • Pollution
  • Illegal wildlife trade
  • Global climate change
  • Competition from species introduced by humans



Conservation Conure


Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is committed to assisting these needs wherever possible, being involved in projects from as close as our own back garden in the Ivanvale Nature Reserve to Tigers in the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and even  the Sun Conure Parrot located in South America .

The role of a good zoo is to assist where possible in the conservation of all flora and fauna both in-situ and in captivity.

We only get one chance to help, so lets all help animals and plants together!


Find out more on Conservation efforts in-house and around the world by following one of the links below: