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Crane with just one leg….at the Parrot Zoo

Thats what it looked like for most of the day, poor old Stanley our Paradise Crane hurt his leg when trying to mate, he slipped and made a bit of a boo boo of it then must have twisted his ankle, god you get nervous for these poor birds with those long gangly legs, its bad enough in the cold damp weather, attempting to mate, but then to have to jump about and not slip….well you can guess the rest. After a few hours locked away in his cabin and things looked a little better, he gingerly stepped out and then with a little exercise he was back to normal, springing about and starting all over again, obviously learned nothing from the escapade..

Paradise Crane at The Parrot Zoo

Paradise Crane at The Parrot Zoo

I would also like to tell you all, I am blooming fed up of this weather are you?