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CPCP on its way….

Mountains were moved today as we started to clear the next area designated to be the Captive Parrot Conservation Program, a good few ton of substrate was relocated to a different section to where the last lot went, the pile was getting a little too high :-), but on looking at it we can now get the picture of exactly what is going to be there.

In answer to the email we got from Gordon and Maggie, asking what the CPCP will be like and how big it is going to be, check the picture out below, the actual development is designed on one of the best facilities in the world, La-Vera in Tenerife (part of the famous Loro Parque). The plan below is a part of the initial work plans we use, I have deleted a lot of the technical jargon to make it easier to read. The coloured rectangle in the right hand corner is the size of a transit van, this will hopefully give you some idea of scale and then to give you a little more idea of size and content, there will be around 80 ton of hardcore (crushed stone) 150 ton of reinforced concrete for the new floor and then 3 meter walled boundaries with individually gated entrances. I am sure you will get the gist on looking at the plans.

There is also a dedicated building for the program situated on the CPCP boundary, this will provide dedicated hospital facilities, parrot introductory enclosure and food preparation areas, this building alone will be the size of a standard house so again gives you some understanding of the scale of the actual project.

The full specs of the exciting development and program will be on the site very shortly.

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