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Conservation Centre at The Parrot Zoo coming along nice

Quick Blog tonight,

Captive Parrot Conservation Program

Things moving very nice, all the spoil has been disposed of and the first 100 ton of chalk has been delivered and leveled, this is used for creating a sound base to receive the concrete floor and walls, the first few ton of concrete arrives tomorrow, giving us the foundations for the first stage walling and levels for the drainage, this is a really important part as on completion over the entire centre, there will be an awful lot of enclosures to clean out so where the water goes is important. Then it will be on to the main walls and floor, at this point we should get a real good idea of design. Also we need to get it done without haste due to the forecast snow that should be arriving this weekend, not a lot threatened but enough to stop work if we haven’t got to a particular point, then wet cold weather can create major hold ups….so fingers crossed for tomorrow.