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Coldest Night of the Year…..

I have just completed my early morning health check and as to be expected all is well in both animal and human sectors 🙂 my hands are as warm as toast as i walked around with a couple of boiled eggs in my pocket.

Last night was our coldest night of the year reaching -5, Met Office Weather there were many places in Lincolnshire that went down to -13 such as Stamford, but being that bit closer to the coast we didn’t suffer as bad. Fortunately with us having a double layer of large conifer hedging we do not suffer as bad with chill factor problems but that doesn’t stop us from putting safety measures in place and I must say it all worked very well, our coldest point in any of the aviaries was -2 and all the animals are just acting perfectly normal while they are being fed at the present time. It is so frustrating that their indoor heated housing hovers at around +5 and out of 1700 birds only 27 were actually in them 🙂 the food (on the menu today is warm boiled eggs and pasta among their dry food and fruit) is placed in there so all of them go in to feed and feel the heat but obviously have no inclination to stay in there!!!

We don expect it to go down any further but only expect it to rise to around +2 so we will, as always be keeping a check on all the important parts such as fresh water and dry covered areas.

I will keep you up to date should anything change


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