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What you can see on an Evening Walk

To end a lovely day I witnessed a wonderful sunset and so on my late walk around i decided to get a couple of snaps to show you just lovely it was:

Heres the big old African Spotted Owl just getting ready for an evenings activity:

African Owl

I was going to show you the new Education Centre, but he decided to make an entrance:


The trees are growing rapidly and it is looking more and more like a nature reserve every year:

Ivanvale May 2012

Then on my walk through the zoo, although an unusual shot, this is the cranes enclosure by evening and it just looked so peaceful:


Okay so thats my night work done so its time for a cuppa and maybe a read…. 🙂


Just what is happening on the weather front 🙂 (more…)

Hes Back

Or should i say, Im back, where have I been? Nowhere just working very hard to get everything ready for the bank holiday thats just been and gone (more…)

Biggest Blog read ever

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David Woodbury and Parrotcare Uk

It is always sad when you hear of any animal being neglected, but when its an animal you are very close to it makes the reality that little harder to cope with (more…)