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Update at The Parrot Zoo for March

Trying again to get the blog started with a little new high Tech software meaning I can do them from different tablets etc.

First things first, yuo will notice a slight change to the website with our new Twitter feed section being placed on the home page all done by our amazing web man Craig Sansam a genious in the making, take a look and see what you think….WAIT not yet!!! wait till youve read the blog first 🙂

Okay what we been up to?

Things growing day by day here at the zoo both for the parrots and the animals:

Parrots first….naturally 🙂

We have started taking birds in for 2014 and we have quite a list to get through. Quarantines was emtpy awaiting the deluge, this list is way to long to go through but already unusual ones turning up, a couple of relatively rare amazons already through the doors with more to follow.

The captive parrot conservation program is well under way, and we can already see that this is going to be a very exiting venture, the geneology side of things means creating family trees and the results will make facinating reading for anyone with the slightest interest in parrots, info will be published as soon as we can.

The new Walkthrough is as expected amazingly successful, people just love it and fortunatley we have made it future proof so shouild offer years of fun for both parrots and people.

A new special needs centre has been designed and will be commencing shortly offering all of our geriatric and disabled patients a whole new world of comfort with even more visitor / parrot interaction.

The African greys have had a further extention added which gives them extra room, no that they need it but just in case 🙂 (more…)

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Hope to be back on the blogging again shortly as Im back on to writing my book so will be in front of Ipad quite a bit.

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Winners of our Facebook Competition.

The winner of our February video competition on Facebook is

Chrissy Jackson.

We will be in touch to get you prize of your choice, so get thinking, Macaws, Meerkats or the amazing Lemurs a free visit for your family.


Still Sunny????

Cannot believe it but its still very sunny here on the coast the temps gone down a little now but theres still people buzzing around the place mingling with staff so thats all good.

We have a couple of regulars now who brought their African Grey in earlier this year and i think they have now got the record for most visits in one year :-), its a good job theyre lovely people too.

We are now stopping birds coming in for this year so we do not fill the winter rooms, they may be needed for emergencies, and to tell you the truth I am sure Ruth will relish the break as its probably been one of our busiest years ever for birds coming in but she and all the animal staff have managed, as they always do.

A few of the older and more frail birds are starting to make their way into some of the winter buildings also, so don’t be disappointed if there’s one or two empty aviaries, it wont be for long, just till we move something in them for the winter.

All the animals and birds are doing very well and no doubt enjoying this last bit of warmth, albeit the wind seems to be getting up a little, but i do believe its forecast, so cant grumble and will blow the last of the wasps away :-), seems like the entire country has been plagued by them this year and due to the amount of fresh fruit we offer, this doesnt help, but its all in the birds best interest so just something we have to put up.

Petes just finishing the underfloor heating in the new macaw extension which will be around 7500 cubic feet + a brand new steel lined building offering ample more housing for them. We shall also attempt one of our famous water features 🙂 we will get it right one day.

Baby meerkats and vasas are doing spectacularly well and are seen on show most of the time now.

So all in all i think the words are: So Far So Good

Bring on the winter…… brrrrrrr