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What a strange feeling, when you see your most popular enclosure being emptied and dismantled, yes our now famous Walk-thro aviary is being taken down and relocated, all the birds are now in their temp living accommodation and have settled in very well. Its no mean fete taking the structure down though and you only realised how good it had been put up when you start to take it down, theres just short of a mile of mesh to unclip fold and scrap, over 10,000 u-clips to take out 3 housing units, 50 ton of drainage gravel, one large waterfall, 60 roofing sheets and 4 doors and 30 telegraph poles, so all in all quite lot; 19,140 cubic feet to be precise. (more…)

CPCP on its way….

Mountains were moved today as we started to clear the next area designated to be the Captive Parrot Conservation Program, a good few ton of substrate was relocated to a different section to where the last lot went, the pile was getting a little too high :-), but on looking at it we can now get the picture of exactly what is going to be there. (more…)

Parrot Zoo end of Year…..

Other than Happy New Year, the next most common phrase spoken today will be: wheres it gone?
This year seems to have flown passed (excuse the pun) not just for us but for everyone, why? I have no idea. We have packed a lot in to what is now officially the wettest year on record, trust us to pick that year to build our largest development ever but the contractors worked amazingly hard and as quick as they could, we ended up with the most stunning building and eating area along with many other things. I know a few in the minority questioned why we had built something so large and why we spent all that money on visitors and not the animals, there’s nothing wrong with asking that and here’s the answer. Our little centre is growing rapidly and so are our supporters, at some point we had to move up from the little starter cafe that we started with all those years ago and provide something that will be future proof for many years, its called infrastructure and sadly it is a necessity, what i can tell you though is, it didn’t cost the charity one single penny and didn’t come from any funds that would have been at all attainable by the charity. Now it is up and we are getting back to the animal side of things we know it was certainly the only option and also the best one. Take a look at the pics, this is where we were last year at this time, and this is it finished… (more…)

New Conservation Program moving forward at the Parrot Zoo

Well that’s the first bit of the Christmas period over with and so far it has been very good, no major problems on the ground and the development is moving forward on time, we have so far had an amazing amount of water with the levels just getting to the zoo before it started to recede, one of our old pathways flooded but no too bad , nothing to worry about anyway. (more…)

Sleeping Around….

Caroline succeeded her all night sleep in with the Ring Tailed Lemurs and it went very successful, not only did she raise £50 for the Madagascan Fauna Group she got her story in all the local press and media.

Her night went uneventful with the little guys only waking her up once, and thats because they were very interested in what she was doing, but as they are very use to her (she been on a primate course for the past 13 months) they were just not phased by her presence and it let her see just exactly what went off at night. It rained all night and really bad so Caroline said that woke her up a couple of times but other than she just said it was too warm as she had set her sleeping bag very close to the heat source.

All in all though she was very happy with how it went and it served its purpose in a number of ways. Her eyes say she had a good nights sleep!!!!!

Caz Lemur Night