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Fatal Words

So when the first words you hear on a morning are: ‘Looks like a nice day’, followed by ‘Job n Off’ you can almost guarantee somethings going to happen, and it did, big style.

First we found a little conure quite ill in one of the enclosures, so off to the hospital for some first aid before assessing and calling our vet, that was all done and off I went to get things ready for the concrete to arrive, less than an hour in and the radio shouted again, ‘Steve, hospital quick please’. So off i go rushing to the hospital, one of the old marmosets, Rio was lifeless laid out and looking very ill, so again quick first aid, which turned out to be very funny even in this sad situation, the little old boy was sleeping and then when we warmed him some critical care fluid up, he could smell the food so got quite excited, only to then taste the first bit which was disgusting so he tried his utmost to hide his face, (see pics), we got him a good bit in and the vet was contacted again in case he needed anything special for the little monkey. (more…)

Conservation Centre at The Parrot Zoo coming along nice

Quick Blog tonight,

Captive Parrot Conservation Program

Things moving very nice, all the spoil has been disposed of and the first 100 ton of chalk has been delivered and leveled, this is used for creating a sound base to receive the concrete floor and walls, the first few ton of concrete arrives tomorrow, giving us the foundations for the first stage walling and levels for the drainage, this is a really important part as on completion over the entire centre, there will be an awful lot of enclosures to clean out so where the water goes is important. Then it will be on to the main walls and floor, at this point we should get a real good idea of design. Also we need to get it done without haste due to the forecast snow that should be arriving this weekend, not a lot threatened but enough to stop work if we haven’t got to a particular point, then wet cold weather can create major hold ups….so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Same View, Different Day at the Parrot Zoo

While walking around the nature reserve yesterday, generally checking the water levels as we are expecting them to recede a little, on reaching a particular point I stood in the exact same place as i did in the summer and realised just how high the water is and also noticed just how different places look at different times of year, take a look and see what you think. I will then use this picture as a guide for future references. (more…)

Playing with Fire, at The Parrot Zoo

Been off the blog for a couple of days due to IT problems but back again.

The guys are working on the new area conservation area in all weathers and conditions, even into the early evening while its dark, well not quite pitch black as you can see from the picture, they have their own version of the Olympic flame, its an easier way to dispose of the burnable debris, and keeps them warm :-). (more…)

Becoming all Academic here at The Parrot Zoo

I have just been updating the website under our research section and just cannot believe how in such a short period of time we have been involved with so many top rated intellects, its easier for you to visit the section rather than me show you all the links, but already we are working with some of the leaders in their fields and more are becoming involved. The Parrot Zoo International Research Centre, has a really nice ring to it, wheres those graphic designers….’Logo please’

Parrot Zoo Research