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Coldest Night of the Year…..

I have just completed my early morning health check and as to be expected all is well in both animal and human sectors 🙂 my hands are as warm as toast as i walked around with a couple of boiled eggs in my pocket.

Educational Day at The Parrot Zoo

Well continuing with our winter development we moved on to the East side of the centre today and started on the new Education centre, boundaries were erected and a few ton of spoil was relocated to the new pond which will be situated in the new Walk-thro enclosure. The education centre will have loads of info on many of the rescued animals here, there will also be plenty of information regarding conservation around the world, but in the main it will have an emphasis on parrots (naturally) showing the pros and cons etc of parrots in captivity and in the wild along with showing how some suffer when passed from pillar to post through the YPRs in this country. (more…)

Winter Arrives at the Parrot Zoo

Brrrrrrr, yes we had a little taste of winter here, no bricks laid today, so instead we diverted our work to another part, which is refitting the sink in the disabled WC, on to another wall, while working in another part of the building i heard a SMASH!!!!, (more…)

Simon has a Winter Friend

Most will remember Simon, our resident Canada Goose who damaged his wing on landing a couple of years ago and who now lives here permanently, well its winter time again and on my daily visits over to the nature reserve I take him a little food, well this morning I got a huge surprise, on shouting him, I heard his little call and from around one of the islands I could see the water rippling but to my astonishment, (more…)

Nice and Toasty at the Parrot Zoo

Nothing better than the smell of toast in the morning, I love it. So this morning was a real treat as it was everywhere, yes its that time of week when the guys take out Palm Toast, which is palm fruit extract spread on warm toast and the birds just love it. Now that all sounds normal to the everyday parrot keeper, as many do similar things, how we here at the centre differ is this; we have to toast 1500 slices of toast and 15 jars of palm fruit and that’s a lot of toast 🙂 (more…)