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RSPCA at The Parrot Zoo

(please read in a quiet whispering voice) 🙂
It was a cold frosty afternoon, through the windows of the heated building looking in the newly formed snow, it could easily be seen that a vehicle had left warm tyre marks when driven over the car park, I opened the window slowly, not knowing what was out there, the voices could be heard in the distance, there was more than one and they were heading my way (more…)

Billy Casper at The Parrot Zoo

All going well, errr, well not all…..Caroline did report today and report trying her hardest not to get too upset!!! someone has broken here broom, yes they have, stop smiling while youre reading this, someone found her hiding place and loaned it, but broke it and put it back without saying anything!!! It fine Caz, we will replace it tomorrow.

Phew Missed Us!!!

The threatened severe weather has skated right on past us, a little bit of lady luck is all you need, we didnt get an inch, just the slightest of flurrys that sat on the ice making the lakes look nice but caused no problems whatsoever. Temperatures lifted to +1 degrees on out gauges and although not warm has meant the entire water system around the zoo all thawed within hours, and that also means human heating and buildings can be reduced, animal / bird heating will stay on for a few weeks yet so the meters wont slow down all that much just yet…

So Far So Good

Although not warm it is certainly warmer!! Our coldest was around -6 which is cold enough to freeze some of the water into the centre but up to -1 this morning, and also cold enough to freeze the machinery up so nothing moved on that side of things, Vinnie did try and thaw it out but then ended up getting his own vehicle stuck so had to have the digger to pull him out.

Baring up in the Cold

Everything’s still fine while this cold spell seems to want to stay, we have permanent heaters on full, mobile heaters where needed and oils being used like theres no tomorrow buts its all okay and worth it, we will get through it just hope others do too. The weather men say its going to warm up a fraction and that means snow and lots of it, although they have said it wont be as severe by the time it gets to us…here’s hoping.