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Getting Windy here at the Parrot Zoo

Thats more of a request rather than a statement, yes we could do with more wind in the future as the centre gets a little more energy efficient (more…)

Ashley Peacock at The Parrot Zoo

What a wonderful day it has been, just cannot believe how warm it got while working, and while taking some tools around I bumped into one of our resident liberty peacocks, Ashley (more…)

All Systems Go…at the Parrot Zoo

Took a little time to get used to the new programs but our new computer systems are now working brilliantly (more…)


Every now and then in the busy world of animals you have a really nice quiet time and this weekend was one of those, nothing alarming happened no emergencies and no extreme weather just a relaxing weekend. So on these weekends you have to make the most of what you have and that means if you want to spend a little time with that special character, get it done. After getting all the paperwork ready for the guys to complete I went in one of the enclosures to spend some quality time with my old friend (more…)

Funny Feeling Someones talking about me!!!

Ever get that feeling someones talking about you, thats exactly what I felt when i turned around and saw these three enjoying the winter sun: (more…)