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New Residents @ The Parrot Zoo

Since digging the lake and planting the many 1000s of trees on the nature reserve we have always yearned for a pair of swans to turn up and call it home (more…)

Strange Things Happen at The Parrot Zoo

I’ve mentioned a few times over the years, living with such an array of animals always produces amusing and a little strange occurrences (more…)

Everyones’ Gone Nuts

As you can imagine our fruit and nut bill is a huge weekly debt so every now and then we get a call from our friendly supplier with a most amazing offer and yesterday was just that (more…)

Bedlam at the Parrot Zoo

Been a few days since I blogged, why? Okay well when you are having the largest ever slab of concrete laid since the centre opened, and also the most expensive well theres a few words you never want to hear, words like: Rain, Delay, Cancelled, Snow, I think you get the picture. (more…)

Crane with just one leg….at the Parrot Zoo

Thats what it looked like for most of the day, poor old Stanley our Paradise Crane hurt his leg when trying to mate, he slipped and made a bit of a boo boo of it then must have twisted his ankle (more…)