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Blog Test at The Parrot Zoo

Here I am, sat in the study at 20.49pm on the 3rd November sipping at my glass of white wine while reading the responses to my previous blogs and its quite satisfying that even though I haven’t really been on the ball this year what with all the new enclosures being built and the massive changes within the business, but even after all that, I have 37,945 views to the blogs, producing 634 positive responses and 5 negatives, all the negs from the Unlike tribe I believe. This in mind I think its worth while continuing writing them and hopefully now my first book is complete (108,000 words in part one) I may even get a little better grammatically, who knows.

Now for the TEST bit….. In this new blog program I have some online stats built in so would like to give them a go with your help.

I dont know exactly what you see, but if theres a SHARE option, please press it….

I will let you know what happens

Thank you to all the 37,945