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Bleeding Hand!!!

The knees only just healing, down to one dressing change per day and what do i do? Sliced my finger rather roughly with a brand new saw, as you know we have a ‘No sympathy’ rule here, so the first thing that happened when they heard the sickly noises leaving my lungs was run up with their phones saying, lets look, something for Twitter. There was quite a lot of blood and even more laughter, i will show you the better picture (not so gruesome):

Cut Finger

Cut Finger

Its not too bad and pointless moaning….sods.

On the animal front, poor old Princess, one of our old sulcatas as took a turn for the worse, so it was indoors for the vet to check, take some swabs and get them off for analysis, she is also quite underweight so after her drugs we had to tube feed her, the first feed was quite easy, tube slid straight down with no resistance, but this evening things were different as her strength gains a little momentum, while Dawn held her (and you know how large sulcatas get) there was no chance whatsoever she was going to open her mouth, but after a little persuasion in the tube slid and down it went, she did keep biting it though but not really causing any problems, after a complete feed it was decided by the on-site committee (Dawn and I) that she be given pride of place in the house in front of the fire with all the trappings….cant be bad.

On a more positive note the guys have been working ever so hard and it is looking very nice out there. I checked their work while I was on an afternoon fruit run it was mangos and pears with walnuts, now heres a bit of a quiz to finish off, how many plums do you think I fed? its more than 600 but less than 2000 so send me an answer?