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Birds on the Move

Weathers held out very well making it a good weekend yet again, although it does feel a little cooler today, may catch up on some paperwork now, thats if theres any to do, i dont get a look in now the new admin ladys took over, oh other than signing cheques 🙂

The Galahs, Bare Eyed’s, Goffins and some Lessers are now in their new enclosures and loving it, just been to check on them and are all still exploring so that will keep them busy for a while.

The last Greater Vasa chick has made an appearance at the nest hole and stood on the outside shelf just the once so hopefully he will be with the flock later today and mom can get that much needed breather she may even start to get some of her feathers back a little, its amazing how many visitors come down and ask about the scruffy black and yellow parrot querying what the problem with it is? There is no problem, its just an amazing manifestation that the Vasa parrot goes through when in breeding condition and turns from the stunning sleek black parrot to something that looks like a yellow bald eagle, she actually only looks good for about 4 months of the year, the rest is either losing feather or growing them back, but she has been a great mother yet again.

Take a look:

Greater Vasa hen with chick at The Parrot Zoo

Greater Vasa hen with chick at The Parrot Zoo


Meerkat babies still doing fine, just a few more day and they will be out of the woods and hopefully running around a little.

Lemur babies are doing ever so well being totally independent of mom now in the day time, just the odd feed and cuddle here and there.

Thats it for now, off for a walk around the nature reserve.