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Billy Casper at The Parrot Zoo

All going well, errr, well not all…..Caroline did report today and report trying her hardest not to get too upset!!! someone has broken here broom, yes they have, stop smiling while youre reading this, someone found her hiding place and loaned it, but broke it and put it back without saying anything!!! It fine Caz, we will replace it tomorrow.

Spent a little time looking at new signage (looking good) and also working out whats going in the new education centre, some good ideas bouncing around and its going to look spectacular. Then around 4.30 a car pulled up, out got the driver (box in hand) and on looking in it was a very shell shocked Kestrel, all of a sudden i turned into Billy Casper (thats for the oldies reading) taking the little chap into hospital and giving him a good look over looks like hes been hit with a car or flown into something, his wing was badly dropped and he was as thin as a rake, so after a little warming up and then some food which he took readily, now will let him sleep it off then to a Raptor rescue tomorrow.

Shell shocked but at least eating

Shell shocked but at least eating

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