OPEN TODAY: 10am - 4pm, last entry 3pm

Best Ever…

Yes we are open and its been our best start ever, thank you so much to all that have visited us and even thought the weather isnt the hottest you still turned out to see the parrots and from the responses we received you enjoyed your day, look forward to seeing you all again in the summer.

Lots mentioned the new aviary facades and designs in a very positive way which can only be a good thing.

Did have one of the witch-hunters turn up from the haters group but can safely say hes not a hater no more and I know they will be at least 1 member down tonight when he gets home, you know who you are and speak soon on the forum.

We have also opened quarantine this weekend so birds as well as people turned up 🙁 after a few tears from a few people they are all tucked up safe and sound and ready to join the happiest parrots in captivity, no more cages…. ever (after quarantine). What a feeling that must be for the little souls, No Eastenders, No Central Heating, No Locked in a cage for 95% of the day, absolutely none of the mentioned but instead just CHOICE, to do whatever they wish, the best option you can offer a captive animal.

Had a small group of zoo keepers turn up who seemed to enjoy my ramblings on about parrots and again look forward to their return and this time they will be IN the enclosures as opposed to stood outside, a weekend of parrot experience on the agenda and cant wait…

Pleased to report that this has been by far our best winter for bird illnesses and deaths, even the old codgers are still screaming their heads off in the mornings, old ones that we would never have thought would make it to a few winters ago, never mind this winter, but again all testament to the care they receive from the staff. All birds and animals are doing very well and that includes what look like resident swans now as they are making themselves right at home now and when I go for my daily walks, always swim over for a bit of food (and a chat), well they are swans and that bit special!!!

We also announce news that our new Forum is open, you can join it for a number of reasons, mainly to chat about anything you want but also to find out about any special offers we will be having throughout the year including, products, yes we have a new company moving in on the parrot retail side of things and they will be making special offers to forum members, and from what i can gather you will certainly not be able to match them anywhere in the country. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR THAT.

One other thing that has been amazing, we got talking in general about bits and bats on the Parrot Zoo facebook page and a simple subject Bacon Sandwiches got mentioned so we made light conversation about whether you have butter on your bread or not and WOW…..we started something that was utterly unbelievable, usually we would have around 1500 views and 150 people talking about it etc on the stats but not this time, this subject was near to our hearts and before you know it, we had a message saying we had reached more than 10,000 reach and 10,000 talking about it, this kept rising and rising until it peaked at over 50,000 , well closer to 53,000 really and 114,000 total reach, truly amazing (that could be the reason we had such a busy weekend :-)) Take a look at the stats below we are gobsmacked and have now been contacted by Danepak the bacon people who also think its wonderful, who knows we could be living off bacon for the rest of our lives.

People Talking About This?
52,978 up 2158.95%
2/24/13 – 3/3/13
Weekly Total Reach?
114,541. up 6579.32%

You can guess the next bit, YES, we are going offer special prizes on our new forum for free visits and a free bacon butty (or not) so if youre not a member, join anyway and get the chance to win a day out here, just press FORUM and fill your details in and thats it done.