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Ashley Peacock at The Parrot Zoo

What a wonderful day it has been, just cannot believe how warm it got while working, and while taking some tools around I bumped into one of our resident liberty peacocks, Ashley he was sunning himself and letting his tail have a good old stretch, its only just growing back and gets longer each year, about a foot i think, take a look at him in his full glory. He’s been with us for years now, was totally wild on arrival but over the years is now just one of the family, strutting around with his family like he owns the place, he even moves the feral cats out of the way while stealing their food:

Ashley sunning himself in the winter warmth

Ashley sunning himself in the winter warmth

Well we are about ready for our largest slab of concrete to date, its massive and on completion should get shut of the last bit of mud around the lower end of the centre, oh what a relief that will be, it gets everywhere. Lets just hope the weather holds out and the threat of bad snow moves on….doubt it very much, we always copp it when the concrete wagon arrives.

All the old species board holders have been taken down ready for being replaced this coming week in readiness for opening and we are also having all new species boards too, getting posh in our 10th Year, also today we have removed all the sheeting that hid the new macaw house ready for us to finish off and make the connection to the enclosure, theres just so much going off its mind boggling, not hard for someone like me….not much in that thick old skull 🙂