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All Systems Go…at the Parrot Zoo

Took a little time to get used to the new programs but our new computer systems are now working brilliantly, part of the system is booking in new birds which is probably the hardest as it is a massive decision to make for someone, having to part with their bird, and usually one they need to happen quickly after the decision has been made. So the system has to be able to log their details and get back to them as soon as they request and make the process seamless where possible, ending with a date that their bird can arrive safely. This new program does exactly that and in 4 days of trying it (thats why theres been no blogs, a man can only do one thing at a time remember :-)).

We have however had 19 inquiries since 3rd Feb, this has resulted in all the follow up correspondence which usually takes a week or so but no, in the 5 days since getting them, all 19 are booked in and shall arrive over the next few weeks at the owners discretion. Wow, thats amazing even for us!!!! The programs been developed by a special kind of guy, who has parrots and computers on the brain…mmmm now that is special. But that means he understands the importance of getting it right.

CPCP Update, the new conservation centre is slowly appearing before our eyes, albeit the weather has caused major problems due to the wet, no one can do any groundwork as its just too boggy this is the same with all the other developments we have ongoing presently so everything’s behind time but never mind it will all get done. We are now ready for an awful lot of concrete though and that will arrive early next week (guaranteed to snow on that day), once thats in, then we should be mud free…yahooo, you have no idea how happy that makes me 🙂

All the animals and birds are doing fine and are no doubt very interested in the workers bobbing in and around their enclosures doing little bits here and there. On this matter, we are also in the process of designing a totally new parrot enclosure which will hopefully be more beneficial for the birds in the future, after initial research a few things have been identified which could help and so the new aviaries will have them implemented and so we will see, a design will be up on screen shortly, some of the items will be a new automatic directional sprinkler system for the warmer months, taking over our present system, also theres new camera equipment going in, for both data collection and the internet so you can see exactly whats happening in the aviaries, oooh this will be a downer for the YPRs, when people can actually see what it is really like here, what we do and how…. LIVE. Oh dear the truth had to come out sometime.

Not be long before the doors are open again so just keep watching the website for exact details as things could change depending on the weather.

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