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All Change at The Parrot Zoo

After one of the best years for warm weather here at the Sanctuary, it does appear to be on the change now, it started off very cold, this lasted for a couple of hours before the sun came out and layers dropped off, within a few minutes all the guys were down to their t-shirts (and trousers before your mind wanders).

All the enclosure stats kicked their heating on and as to be expected, all the parrots made a sharp exit outside, not keen on too much heat…

Jackson and Milly the Mandrills also decided that outside is far better than their heated play room, so although it started a little chilly, none of our visitors missed a thing as the birds and animals enjoyed the warm sun.

We have moved 45 ton of soil into the new enclosure ready to receive the turf that arrives next week, we have also put the first stage of the new roof on ready for the fibreglass and mesh and then there is the housing unit, thats got one more day of render before we resin coat and put in the new floor, all in all still on course to have it complete in three weeks time……

Lots of soil being placed into the new  enclosure

Lots of soil being placed into the new enclosure