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What a strange feeling, when you see your most popular enclosure being emptied and dismantled, yes our now famous Walk-thro aviary is being taken down and relocated, all the birds are now in their temp living accommodation and have settled in very well. Its no mean fete taking the structure down though and you only realised how good it had been put up when you start to take it down, theres just short of a mile of mesh to unclip fold and scrap, over 10,000 u-clips to take out 3 housing units, 50 ton of drainage gravel, one large waterfall, 60 roofing sheets and 4 doors and 30 telegraph poles, so all in all quite lot; 19,140 cubic feet to be precise. (more…)

CPCP on its way….

Mountains were moved today as we started to clear the next area designated to be the Captive Parrot Conservation Program, a good few ton of substrate was relocated to a different section to where the last lot went, the pile was getting a little too high :-), but on looking at it we can now get the picture of exactly what is going to be there. (more…)