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Best Lunch Yet

I have to say we have been entertained by an amazing group of people today who came for their Christmas Lunches, from the minute the guys from Craegmoor Nursing Home in Boston walked in we knew it was going to be fun, they loved it, the walk around the zoo, the food, the music (especially the music) and the singing. Thank you all for such a brilliant day and so glad you have already booked for next year, look forward to seeing you.

Last dinners tomorrow and then thats it for this year.

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Wishing you all A Very Merry Christmas and Thank You once again

Rollercoaster day at The Parrot Zoo

What a weird day, first of all our postie looked like santa bringing us a sack full of cards šŸ™‚ which amounted to some amazing donations, it just shows our supporters really do care, Thank you ever so much, todays amount was the best ever but will let you know the total amount in full just before Christmas.

My day started like this, we are closed, meaning we can do what we like without the worry of visitors being at risk. My job was to assist in putting the new floor substrate down for the winter, we have all new drainage pipes fitted and they worked very well but there’s just been so much rain this year that the grounds saturated, so we have decided to put gravel down to allow further drainage. In my wisdom I jumped on the tractor with the tipping skip on the back,Ā startedĀ driving only to then realised I hadn’t lifted it up enough and when turning round I had left it behind, now when you have a couple of guys around you, its just a simple job Ā but on your own things come a little tricky, but iĀ perseveredĀ and after a couple of trapped fingers got it right, i drove it down to the digger and then swapped machines, filled the skip up with gravel and set off, all good except there was a little too much weight in meaning my front wheels were hardly touching the ground, after a further 100 mtrs I heard another CLATTER and turning round the blooming lot had fell off the back, so off i went to get the digger again and back to the tractor to load back up, temper brewing i decided that this job isnt the right one for me, but stuck in there until that is, on getting to where it had to be dropped off, I unloaded it and a nice pile of gravel started, now to put the skip back on you have to unmount and pull it back on to its clips, now that’s an easy job šŸ™ nope not for me, on jumping out its only then I felt the huge puddle under the leaves and felt it on my rear as i went head over heels, totally emptying my pockets contents in the puddle….needless to say the tractors still there and the gravel will get movedĀ tomorrow šŸ™‚ Sorry George (he had to barrow it in manually)

Other than that it was a really nice day



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First Picture

Thank you for all the kind messages yet again, this ones to see how pictures look. As you will have probably heard we have been offering Traditional Christmas Lunches here at the zoo situated in the new Rainforest Diner, this is a spectacular newĀ additionĀ to the zoo where you can relax in style while observing your favourite exotic animal in the reptile or amphibian world. Take a look and see what you think.


Christmas in the Rainforest Diner

Christmas in the Rainforest Diner

We are Live

Yes here we go again, a new website and a new blog, thank you ever so much for all the requests to put it back on I will try and and make them as interesting as possible and where i can will put in as many pictures so you can see what I’m on about.

This one will be a tester so the formatting is correct and just check to see if its circulating where it should be, just so you know the weather is rainy here but 8 degrees so cant complain, all the birds are doing very well and the animals are loving it.

If you need the little regular updates too, then you can always jump on to twitter and follow @parrotzoo or @parrotman or even both šŸ™‚